Wheeeee! (spongepie) wrote,


1. im fairly intoxicated.
2. i friggin love my frends no matter what i say in the future. youll get this from me rarely. its not even a strong like. its true love to the point where if i had to spend the rest of my life here, with a steady job, and chillin doing nothing for the rest of my life, i would be happy. doug. matt. alisa. john. alli. i dont know where everyone else is. jackie is unfortunately fighting with her boyfriend who the girls say is hot but is an ABSOLUTE DOUCHEBAG. i can hear her screaming and crying right now. its so sad because shes such a fabulous person who has gone through so much more termoil in her life than i can ever imagine. i tend to say that ive seen a lot and been through a lot of menta turmoil, but seriously seriously seriously, hearing these other stories, its obvious i havent. its enough for me, i dont want or feel the need to experience these other things. it will just make me sad. but im so immature in respect to the worst things in the world. god why wont they stop screaming?

in other news! a family of ducklings fell through a sewer grate and drowned. NAME THAT MOVIE.

also in other news, it was awkward tonight when everybody was friggin drunk because we had just finished our finals and we had a pizza party at 8 pm when errrbody was friggin drunk. friend just came in, shes now single? oh gosh. her boyfriend is AWEFUL. anyway, friggin awkward when our "student programmer" who totes fbook friended me and was like "nice piccs" (???????) jumped in on pics with me and then was talking to me for like 15 minute when i never talked to him ever before!? AWKWARD WHAT THE HELL. stop hitting on me cause i def dont like that shicrapnastiness. ew.

i really hope jackie hooks up with nate. cause they are the best couple ever although he lives in indiana and she in PA.

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