Wheeeee! (spongepie) wrote,

dirty jerz. dirty dirty jerz. you have changed very little, except for the economy failing. but in actuality i havent left the house minus walking sunny since i got home, so i cant finalize my judgement yet.

my body aches and i am tired. at first i thought it was due to the 4 hours of sleep i had in a 53 hour time period, but i think its from the NASTY UNHEALTHY FOOD i have been eating. ive already gained a pound and feel like a slum. thankfully i threw away all but 3 t-shirts today, and got some sweet sweaters (including a sweater vest!!!!!!!!) for xmas to prep it up a little. im looking to invest the rest of my money in the failing economy in clothing to spice up my life, with the assistance of jill. because jill is a shopping goddess and wants to make me a super cool dude.

sunny is such a silly silly puppy! GOOD BOY PUPPY GOOD BOYYY!!!!

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